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Preferred Role:
Alina Berezhko
From 0 to 1 - this is better to understand my approach. Would like to work with startups because there is a rhythm that I prefer to work with to be more productive and test a plenty of hypotheses to be faster for getting the treasure and upgrade my own skills.

Want to participate and lead the team in huge worldwide project that connected with future tech that influence and make trends and make people happier =)
March 2020 - June 2021
Art director, Production manager, Product manager
Production manager
Nov, 2018 - March 2020
Nov. 2017 - Nov. 2017
Nov. 2012 - Nov. 2017

Head of creative team, shareholder
Concept/2D artist
2D artist/ Texturing Artist
Tech than allows user put the face on rendered hunny videos.

A lot of content experiments were setting up before sold that allowed the team understand the better place in the Snapchat app. For first in Chat to express emotions during conversation and Cameos stories - both for organic growth. Regarding monetization through sponsored ads in full screen content with face swap tech.

Media: Techcruch.com Link
From startup AI Factory to sold Snap inc.
Head of creative team in Kyiv office, Art director, Concepter, Director, Shakeholder
Art direction, Concept Artist
From idea and concept working closely with 3D artist and Snap studio designer with A/B tests to great realise. That was more famous and viral like Disney Dog filter. We built this filter for users thus spontanually it was going viral on pets with no ads and promo.

Also this filter began Cartoon face trend in other apps and social media. Moreover other companies try to make a twins with no using AI and the next Cartoon filter started new wave of Cartoon filters at all.

Media: Link Link Link Link to try filter
Cartoon face AR filter (Snapchat)
Art direction, Concept Artist
It made my dream in real - turned out millions of people to Disney characters and to built viral using modern tech at the same time.From idea and collaboration with ML engineering team with A/B tests to great realise that brought more than 1bln for first 3 days impressions despite on filter was available for high-end devices.

Next filters with usage AI tech in other apps were twins of this one that was based on ML tech.

Media: brg.in. Link to try filter
Cartoon AR filter made with ML tech (Snapchat)